"Aphrodite's Child" or "Harmonia" by Howard David Johnson

"Aphrodite's Child, Harmonia" ( MMVI Colored Pencil on Bristol)


(Full size close-up view)


 Harmonia, daughter of Aphrodite ( AKA Venus)  according to tradition, wed Cadmus, prince of Phoenicia who founded the city of Thebes. Another of their daughters, Ino, became an ocean-goddess. When Cadmus and Harmonia died they were transformed into serpents and sent to the Elysian fields, said to be the abode of happy immortals. Other sources say Harmonia was nursed by Electra , one of the PLEIADES, the daughters of Atlas, but some other sources also contend that Harmonia was the daughter of Zeus  ( AKA Jupiter and Jove) and Electra 

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