"The Fall of Carthage" by Howard David Johnson

The Punic Wars. ( 264-146 B.C.)

World Governing Empires of the West: After the Babylonians, the Medeo-Persians, and the Greeks came the Romans. 

The Carthaginians gave them some competition in the Punic Wars. Hannibal's war Elephants came as quite a surprise after unexpectedly crossing the Alps, but the Romans quickly learned to counter them by letting them pass and stabbing their soft hind quarters with their spears from behind to bring them down.

"Pax Romana"or "Roman Peace"; history's longest period without war, 200 years, came at the price of freedom and was imposed by Roman weapons of war. 

The North African Carthaginians were completely wiped out down to the last babe in arms by the Roman Army for their defiance of Roman Authority bringing an end to The Punic Wars. ( 264-146 B.C.) Historians refer to this genocidal use of overwhelming force against helpless civilians as a "Carthaginian Peace".


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