"The Siege of the Alamo" by Howard David Johnson

Remember the Alamo!" was the battle cry of the Texas Revolution that struck fear into the hearts of the army of General Santa Anna at the battle of San Jacinto. Santa Anna liked to be called "the Napoleon of the west".

The Alamo was a military defeat that turned out to be a political victory for the Texans.  It  took 13 days and enormous casualties for Santa Anna to take the Alamo mission. The stubborn defenders of the Alamo held them off long enough for General Sam Houston to build the army of the Texas Revolution.

Many Hispanic freedom fighters such as Juan N. Seguin - first mayor of San Antonio - the famous scout who went out to get help from Sam Houston - took their stand as legendary Defenders of liberty against tyranny alongside their famous Anglo-Saxon companeros inside the walls of the Alamo.

-The American Thermopylae.


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