"Caesar's Conquests" by Howard David Johnson

Gaius Julius Caesar ( 100-44 B.C.) General & Dictator of Rome,  was born in Rome on July 13, 100 BC to Gaius Julius Caesar & Aurelia. He was the only son & had two sisters, both named Julia, called respectively Julia Minor & Julia Major . Romans, like Cicero spelled his name: "CAIVS IVLIVS CAESAR"

Caesar's Conquests (c) 2007 Howard David Johnson

  Contrary to popular myths Caesar did not come from a very rich or influential family. Caesar's father died at Pisa while on military duty in 85/84 BC. At this time little Julius is tutored by Alexandrian educated grammarian and rhetorican Marcus Antonius Gnipho. 

  In 77 BC Caesar enters politics in the conventional way, as a lawyer. In 74 BC, using treasure he captured from pirates, Caesar raised an army and defeated Mithridates VI, who had invaded Roman territory. After this service he returned to study at Rhodes. In Rome Caesar is elected Military Tribune by the people. In 61 BC Caesar served as governor in Spain. In 59 BC Julius Caesar at 40 entered office as Consul of the republic of Rome. Caesar now solidified his alliance with Pompey by marrying his daughter Julia to him persuading Pompey to give him legions for her.

 Caesar had achieved much by age 42, doing more than many men twice his age. He understood that his times required more than just political and oratory skill to attain his goals. The conquest and eventual assimilation of Gaul secured more money and a considerable military reputation for him. Also the map and history of Europe would be forever changed.

 It began Romanic & Germanic differences in culture & nationalism that existed between Gaul (France) & Germania (Germany) for 2039 years leading to countless wars & atrocities. The Celtic Warriors were a ferocious adversaries, madly fond of war, but we must not glorify Caesar's Gallic conquest too much, the Roman policy was basically genocide! Gaul was starved & pillaged to bare soil. We must add to Caesar's epitaph that he was one of history's greatest killers. In 48 BC King Ptolemy XIII of Egypt assassinated Pompey & presented his head to Caesar. Infuriated, the Roman Consul Gaius Julius Caesar arrived with 4000 men at Alexandria Egypt and took over. In 44 BC On the day of an ancient festival, Caesar sat on his gilded chair, dressed in a purple robe like the old kings of Rome had worn & a golden wreath. Its clear Caesar was comfortable appearing in Public as Dictator Perpetuus, the next best thing to being king. His relationship with Cleopatra, queen of Egypt did not help. He was assassinated on the Ides of march by the Senators in the Senate chambers. The reasons for his assassination are debated over to this very day. Caesar later also claimed to be descendant of Rome's fourth King Ancus Marcius and the Goddess Venus.

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